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Should I wire the panels in series or parallel using an MPPT charge controller?

The panels can be wired either in series or parallel or a combination of series/parallel using an MPPT charge controller.

How does a solar generator work?

The Renogy portable solar generators are like all-in-one, easy-to-use modules that have a solar battery, charge controller, and inverter all built together. Designed with convenience in mind, portable power stations can be charged via solar panels, a wall outlet, or a 12v auto socket. Simply connect the portable power generator to any of those energy sources, and you’ll be able to plug in and power your appliances. Solar power generators are perfect to work as a portable power supply for camping and provide on-the-go energy solutions, they can work as a battery backup for home.

With only 9.6in length, 5.7in height, and 3.13lbs in weight, the Renogy dc charger is ready to be installed and adapt to any tiny narrow installation space, resolving your concern about the limited room in your vehicle.

Wang Clover

Wang Clover

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